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The Trafalgar St. James launches as the new hotel for Londoners

The Communication Group plc is overseeing the launch of The Trafalgar St. James, formally The Trafalgar Hotel. The property is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment and is expected to open in early Autumn 2017.

This iconic Trafalgar Square hotel is set to become one of the hottest hotels in London with a major emphasis on making it a destination for Londoners – a place where people who live and work in London want to be, as well as visitors from overseas seeking to experience the best of London living.

‘The Rooftop’, formally known as Vista, will be transformed into a year-round hotspot for Londoners, featuring a much larger, accessible space and a Mediterranean style lounge and dining areas. The hotel will launch a brand new all-day restaurant and bar, 1805, designed to create an intimate but informal dining experience and Biblio, the downstairs private lounge, will enable guests to enjoy a club-like atmosphere.

The hotel’s 131 rooms, with 14 suites (including 2 signature suites), will offer a chic, urban vibe allowing guests to wake up to the ultimate view of Central London.


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