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Digby Fine English appoints The Communication Group plc to handle their UK Public Relations

The Communication Group plc is delighted to announce its appointment as the public relations agency for Digby Fine English, whose unique approach to producing English sparkling wine has made them a trailblazer. Digby Fine Wine is an exuberant modern brand of luxury English sparkling wine, and Digby is truly leading the charge in transforming English fizz into an internationally desirable category.

Digby achieves its unique standard through the refined art of blending, using grapes grown by its meticulously groomed partner vineyards in the chalky soil of Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset. Capitalising on the traditionally long, cool growing season and their inventive winemaking techniques, Digby is at the forefront of the English sparkling wine movement.

Digby’s style is sophisticated yet racy, crystalline with intense focus on the underlying fruit. This house style has been created by Trevor Clough, co-founder and head blender of Digby Fine English, with his vision and collaboration with winemaking supremo, Dermot Sugrue.  Jason Humphries is the ‘scientist’ behind the blend.  His enthusiasm for a beautiful glass of English fizz goes right back to the vineyard where he works closely with a collection of vineyard partners whose shared passion for excellence results in some of the best quality Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes for fizz production in the world. The company is the first pure négociant in England, believing that the starting point for world-class fizz is working with proven, best-in-class vineyards.


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