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Russell Longmuir, Director General and CEO of BQF, comments on the importance of adopting a growth mindset in City A.M.

The Communication Group plc negotiated a feature for Russell Longmuir, Director General and CEO of BQF, in City A.M. commenting on the importance adopting a growth mindset. Highlights include:

Matthew Syed, the growth mindset protagonist and author of Black Box Thinking, identifies in his most recent work that incremental improvements made continually over time can produce significant uplifts in performance.

Setting goals and undertaking new challenges, with regular review and assessment, will guide you from a fixed mindset (one where you believe your basic qualities, such as intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits) to a “growth mindset”.

When whole organisations embrace a growth mindset, it is well reported that employees feel far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organisational support for collaboration and innovation. The resultant effect on productivity, and in turn profitability, has a phenomenal impact on enhancing shareholder value.

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