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Harold Tillman, one of the fashion industry’s leading voices calls for Government to ‘save the bright, young minds’ of our creatives

Against a background of body blows by the pandemic to the world of fashion, design and creative arts, the toll taken on young job seekers, unprecedented learning disruption over the past 12 months, and the most recent scandal of ‘no deal yet’ to allow creative professionals to work freely in Europe upon graduating, Harold Tillman CBE, one of the fashion industry’s leading voices, has made a call to Government to “invest in, and not squander, the bright, creative minds of the classes of 2021/2022.” 

Tillman has recently been appointed as London College of Fashion’s Enterprise and Business Advisor, and made this call as the EU and the UK fail to resolve the plight of the UK creative sector to overcome the new post-Brexit visa and work-permit arrangements for UK creatives, and follows the Education Secretary’s recent announcement simultaneously to cut funding for the capital’s higher education establishments by £64 million.

“All the indications are, that many of our young people are extending their education further, not only as shown in this year’s intake (2020/2021), but particularly for the coming year (2021/2022), rather than confronting a barren jobs market,” said Tillman. “This means that our higher education system is absorbing the shock of the difficulties faced by our young, while at the same time the Government is making savage cuts to our budgets… At this challenging time, we owe it to the next generation of our bright, creative minds to do what we can for them in a way which adds value to their ‘intellectual capital’ and goes towards compensating for the exam disruption over the past year, and the sustained interference with their education.”

The Communication Group plc secured features for Harold Tillman’s ‘Call to Action’ in multiple top-tier fashion and lifestyle publications including Fashion United and Brummell.


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