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EcoWorld Ballymore and Shepherds Markets unveil new market at Embassy Gardens

The Communication Group plc implemented a partnership between EcoWorld Ballymore, the developers behind Embassy Gardens, and Shepherds Markets, to create a new street market in New Union Square which sits at the heart of the new and vibrant neighbourhood. The market was launched on Saturday 18th November and included 27 stalls from independent craft and food traders, including Maldon Oysters and Lobsters, Cookies & Cream Fudge, Pashminas by House of Eunice and mulled wine from Partridges. Live musical performances entertained guests throughout the day, starting with a carol recital from Wandsworth Music Academy, followed by performances by Nick Howe, Lisa Marini and well known Steel Strum.

The market was promoted via Londonist (Unique Monthly Users: 1,000,000), The Nudge (Newsletter Subscribers: 100,000), Wandsworth Guardian (Circulation: 51,309) and further coverage was secured on Metro (circulation: 2,676,180), London Property South (circulation: 135,000) and The One UK (MUU: 125,700). The market was well attended and received very positive feedback from local residents and visitors to the area, a local business owner commented; “I think this area is growing so quickly, so many exciting things happening and I think it is just a very exciting time in general for people…and the market is a great way for people to showcase what business they are starting up.”

From March 2018 EcoWorld Ballymore will run the market on a monthly basis at Embassy Gardens and will continue to grow, bringing new people to this vibrant destination and showcasing the development as an exciting and fun place to live.


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