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Mouni Rebeiz exhibits at the Saatchi Gallery

Returning to represent Mouna Rebeiz a French Lebanese artist and paint, The Communication Group plc has been appointed to promote Mouna as an artist, as well as her second exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery from 17-20 May 2018.

The exhibition ‘The trash-ic. Or trash in the face of beauty’ is Rebeiz’s personal view on contemporary societal issues, examined both through the techniques of the Great Masters and applied art. It presents many contrasts, throwing up interesting questions and exploring the tension between trash and beauty, and how they coexist as one in art. ‘The trash-ic. Or trash in the face of beauty’ is Mouna’s second solo exhibition in London, consisting of 17 works, some of which include digital and melodic installations. In tandem with the exhibition of her paintings and in support of a charity close to her heart – Innocence in Danger, Rebeiz is calling upon a selected few internationally renowned Designers and Artists to apply their individual creative energies and produce unique and precious objects from ceramic piggy-banks molded in the furnaces of Nove di Bassano in Italy. Following this each piggy bank will be auctioned by Sotheby’s on the opening night of the exhibition.


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