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Every organisation is likely to face a crisis at some stage. Crisis preparation and management are not always deemed a priority, leaving a business vulnerable if one occurs.  The key to addressing and managing these complex situations successfully is preparation, practice and vigilance.  This way risks and issues can be neutralised, before they become crises.

Our approach to managing issues and challenges is borne out of many years of arming our clients with the intelligence and tools that they need to respond decisively and quickly, when the need arises.  Time is of the essence in a crisis situation, but so is a calm and rational mind-set.  The way that an organisation responds to a challenge can have long-term implications for its commercial success, and reacting in the right way can reassure investors, partners and employees or assuage critics and reinforce its reputation for integrity and best practice.


Creating the appropriate simulations and scenarios to test an organisation’s decision-making processes forms a central part of our support to our clients. We also take care to audit, review and refine crisis manual materials and where necessary, update them.  Widening the crisis team and further testing the robustness of your response forms part of our best practice approach.

We have worked with clients facing both domestic and cross-border challenges, delivering a coordinated and comprehensive response that protects and enhances clients’ licence to operate and minimises any impact on its long-term reputation.