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Elysium – the £20,000 chair that makes you feel weightless

The Communication Group plc, has been working closely with Dr David Wickett to launch Elysium – a one of a kind chair that creates the unique sensation of weightlessness.

Based on over 10 years of research and a doctoral thesis examining posture, Elysium neutralises gravity through a frictionless recline mechanism that balances perfectly at a point of zero-g – where every downwards pressure on the user’s body is equal. When reclined to this point, the skeleton effectively ‘floats’ in the body, giving rise to a feeling akin to relaxing in a floatation tank. The chair’s frictionless technology means it is the only chair in the world where body position can be controlled by hand gesture alone.

The Communication Group plc has developed a targeted media campaign, gaining coverage in top tier publications including The Telegraph (luxury), Insignia voice of Luxury and The Week as well as providing exclusive video content for The Financial Times – How to Spend it, and Wired UK.

The Communication Group plc has secured Elysium’s place at key industry events including Sleep, where the chair was demonstrated in combination with virtual reality equipment, and the VRLO conference, as well as a ‘sensory experience event’ at the Bang & Olufsen showroom where the chair is being displayed.


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