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A prolonged spell of low oil and gas prices, combined with continuing disruption in the commodities and natural resources markets, has had a seismic impact on the way that energy is produced, generated and distributed.  This challenging macroeconomic landscape has been compounded by an inconsistent and diverse international regulatory framework, which has added significant pressure to companies and organisations operating in the sector.

A landmark agreement in Paris in December 2015 paved the way for a meaningful shift towards a lower carbon economy.  But in doing so, the starting gun was fired on an unprecedented period of change.  Meeting the world’s energy needs, which includes broadening access to under-served communities around the world while meeting global targets for climate change, increases the importance of new and emerging technologies and places new responsibilities on operators and developers, at a time when investment is constrained and costs continue to rise.

Bringing new projects and technologies to fruition, though, requires a comprehensive approach to addressing and managing the needs of affected communities.  The importance, therefore, of maintaining pragmatic and supportive communication with key audience groups, has never been more acute. It is now fundamental to protecting and enhancing a company’s licence to operate, navigating the complex regulatory landscape and securing long term sustainable success.

Experience includes

Supporting the growth and positioning of this ground-breaking specialist metals producer.

Promoting this world-leading waste to energy technology company to business and political audiences.

Launching the world’s first ‘intelligent’ electric vehicle battery to the world.

Campaigning for global standards in diamond nomenclature and authenticity.