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Approval for Piccadilly Lights redevelopment

Land Securities has successfully secured planning permission for the proposed transformation of the area behind the world famous ‘Piccadilly Lights’.

The sustainable design enhances this iconic site and will deliver a series of strategic benefits including new high-quality retail units and much needed office space. This development will significantly improve the public realm around the site and better connect Glasshouse Street with Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street.

The whole site will be brought together under a new ceramic roof structure that forms a modern mansard roof. The new roof will create an elegant silhouette, incorporating the beautiful balconies and terraces of the site, whilst moderating the scale and height of the buildings when viewed from the street.

The Communication Group plc organised and managed a large-scale public consultation exercise and handled associated media coverage. Through engagement with the local community and its representatives we were able to identify and address concerns early, achieving widespread approval for the scheme.


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