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Today, senior executives are under increasing pressure to put themselves in front and centre of a story.  The speed at which a story gathers pace has heightened the importance of a well-prepared, well-rehearsed approach to responding to a situation that unfolds.  Too often, organisations do not have the right tools in place to enable them to deliver a response with conviction.

Our approach, in giving our clients the tools and skills needed to address the broad and growing range of media situations, is based on an understanding of their organisations’ strategic aims and cultures.  That understanding enables us to help our clients develop the right response, the right message and the right means of delivery.  Accompanied with message development, comprehensive training and rehearsals provide our clients with the skills and experience needed to respond to the fast-moving media cycle when a story breaks and needs a response.

We run media training sessions for individual executives and for groups of senior leaders, covering an introduction to the media universe, the different settings for national print, trade, and broadcast either live or pre-recorded. For print, we build an understanding of what makes a great story, and the restrictions journalists are under before fine-tuning interview technique to ensure clear and defined positioning and messaging.

Presentation Training


As careers develop so too does an executive’s time at the podium, yet few take the time to review and refresh their presentation skills. We can provide critical advice on planning messaging and structuring, reviewing key content, presentation style; controlling nerves and how to use techniques that will help you better tell the story while engaging different audiences. Whether it is rehearsing for a critical board meeting or AGM, or energising a packed auditorium, our approach delivers transformative results, instilling confidence and ensuring that content resonates.