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The Trafalgar St. James “Peer Panel” is unveiled!

In order to make The Trafalgar St. James, one of the hottest hotel’s in London, this Trafalgar Square hotel appointed a “peer panel” of influential young Londoners to advise on what people want.

The peer panel consists of some of The Communication Group’s coolest and closest contacts, and comprises model and celebrity agent Katie Atkin, events marketer Claire Hagen, lifestyle blogger Lucy Freedman, DJ Doug Marshall, celebrity “connector” Amy Sturgis, wealth manager Charlie Tee and menswear blogger Matthew Zorpas. They have advised on everything from furnishings to power points and menus during the refurbishment, which has seen the hotel expand to 131 rooms. The Communication Group secured an exclusive piece on page three in the London Evening Standard to unveil the peer panel.

The refurbishment of the hotel will be completed mid-October, and the peer panel are helping the hotel achieve its dream of making it a destination for Londoners – a place where people who live and work in London want to be, as well as visitors from overseas seeking to experience the best of London living.

See the London Evening Standard feature here:


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