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EcoWorld Ballymore & Brummell Magazine launch Biophilia Research

The Communication Group plc implemented a partnership between EcoWorld Ballymore and Brummell magazine to launch the Biophilia Research, a report conducted by Matt Morley, founder of Biofit Health & Fitness, to raise awareness of the Wardian London development.

The main aim of the partnership was to facilitate deeper engagement with Brummell’s audience of City professionals by highlighting the benefits of green urban living. As part of the partnership  Brummell created a biophilic-themed Beau Biophilia editorial newspaper supplement with 190,000 copies inserted in The Sunday Times’s 24 March issue and hosted a panel talk event at the Design Cube on 27 March. Hosted by Peter Howarth, CEO of Show Media, the panel discussion was made up of Matt Morley, Irish MasterChef star Robin Gill, Kate Hofman, Founder and CEO of GrowUp Urban Farms, and William Poole Director of Glenn Howells. After the event, Brummell issued an online story and digital newsletter to their readership which included information on how to contact the sales team. As a result, a couple of guests requested to see price lists during the event and one sales lead has been secured so far.


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