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AIPUT joins forces with Logistics UK to present a ‘call for action’ to the Government

Following a webinar organised by The Communication Group working with ​​​​​​AIPUT and Logistics UK, a landmark ‘call for action’ setting out key recommendations for how the UK should facilitate the continued global competitiveness and sustainable growth of its economicallyvital air freight industry in the context both of Brexit and Covid-19 has been presented to the Government by Aberdeen Standard Investment’s AIPUT fund (Airport Industrial Property Unit Trust) and Logistics UK.

Aviation will play a vital role in securing new opportunities and growth post-Brexit and also in the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Air connects Britain with the world, linking British products and expertise with billions of potential buyers overseas.  Pre-pandemic, some 49% of the total value of UK exports outside of the EU travelled by air, through a combination of dedicated freighter flights and bellyhold through passenger services. 

Throughout the pandemic and since the end of the Brexit transition period, the air freight industry has stepped up to the challenge, providing invaluable support to both the economy and the lives of everyone across the UK, through the rapid expansion of e-commerce and the movement of vital pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.   In 2018, air freight services contributed £7.2 billion to the UK economy, supporting 150,000 jobs.

Logistics UK and AIPUT are calling for a renewed commitment by Government to work with industry to realise the full potential of the UK airfreight sector to UK plc.


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