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About Us

The Communication Group plc is the UK’s longest established independent public relations consultancy.

We have a 35-year track record of managing the reputation and profile of many outstanding organisations from leading global brands through to ambitious, fast-growth start-ups.

We combine skills in consumer and lifestyle marketing, corporate and financial relations, public affairs and reputation management.

We believe in employing ‘the best of the best’ – clever, creative and committed. We know the power of strategic thinking, the value of insight, the magic of creativity, and the importance of intellectual capital. A passion for excellence and determination to deliver is in our DNA.



Property & Placemaking

We have a particular strength in placemaking and have created a specialist practice which works with all forms of destination for property companies, governments, landowners, hotels, resorts and city councils, to position, promote and profile destinations.


Corporate & Financial Communication

We have supported businesses large and small across a wide range of situations, from building their profiles to reinforcing market position. We are able to acknowledge and address the needs of multiple stakeholder groups in a coordinated way that enhances our clients’ ability to operate.


Consumer, Lifestyle & Luxury Brands

We understand the mind-set of high net worth individuals, and have worked with many luxury brands to help build desire amongst this unique audience.


Travel & Leisure

We have developed a leading reputation for advising locations around the world on how to become destinations – places where people want to be.

Our dedicated destination practice has worked with some of the world’s leading cities, countries, hotels and resorts, to build destination status and achieve stand out in a crowded market, capturing ‘hearts and minds’.


Public Affairs

We have an acute knowledge and understanding of the needs of decision- and policy-makers, which enables us to design the right ways of engaging with a rapidly-changing regulatory environment.


Energy & Industrial

We have extensive expertise in advising participants in these bellwether industry sectors driving trade and economic growth on positioning themselves to successfully deliver their regulatory and commercial objectives.


Issues & Crisis Management

Every organisation is likely to face a crisis at some stage. And crisis preparation and management are not always deemed a priority until one hits your business. Creating the appropriate simulations and scenarios to test your decision-making processes forms a central part of our support to our clients. We also take care to audit, review and refine crisis manual materials and where necessary update them. Widening the crisis team and further testing the robustness of your response forms part of our best practice approach.


Media Training

Today senior executives are under constant pressure to perform and protect company reputations. Our team of highly experienced ex journalists run tailor made programmes designed to sharpen messaging, deliver in any interview setting, and resonate with audiences in the boardroom or auditorium. Our crisis offer will test out and enhance your critical responses using bespoke scenarios whilst providing an updated “best practice” reference manual.

Placemaking Report

This ‘placemaking’ report draws on our experience and current thinking, and highlights examples drawn from some of the game-changers with whom we have worked, who are helping to transform our cities.

Latest News

Read the latest news from us and our clients in the Newsroom.

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Managing the reputation and profile of leading global brands around the world