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Metalysis featured in Financial Times

An article in the FT featured Metalysis, our client, in a news story about its revolutionary low-cost metal powder being used to 3D print automotive and aerospace components.  The article outlined how the low-cost metal could revolutionise manufacturing and make South Yorkshire once again a hub for metal production.

The article assessed the applications of metal powders in manufacturing and how this could, coupled with 3D printing, dramatically reduce the cost of production and also enable the wide use of the super metal titanium so that many more industries could benefit from its use.  The article included reaction from industry about how the low cost metal powder could revolutionise the manufacturing of metal parts:

“Jaguar Land Rover is one company that has already signalled its interest in the development. “If a new process was capable of reducing the overall cost of titanium products by such a large amount, then many industries, including automotive, might be interested,” said Mark Barrington, rapid prototyping manager at JLR. It currently uses cheaper lightweight high strength aluminium within its vehicles.”

For the full article, please see this link.


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