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Advanced Plasma Power covered on BBC World

Advanced-Plasma-Power-covered-on-BBC-WorldAdvanced Plasma Power (APP) has been a client since 2006. We have been highlighting the benefits of its waste to energy and fuels technology called Gasplasma®, which delivers a sustainable means to manage waste, as well as providing an alternative risk-free energy and fuel source.  The technology will enable us to address the dual problem of increasing waste levels and the depletion of fossil fuel reserves.

The Middle East is a major region that can benefit from technologies such as APP to deal with increasing waste levels and the global imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are many parts of the region that are investing and developing renewable energy sources.  In addition there is a growing interest in sustainable waste management in the region. As a result BBC World broadcast a feature about APP and the benefits of its technology to raise awareness in the region.

To view the clip, please click here.


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