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Metalysis selected for Mercury Centre case study

Metalysis has developed a new way of producing lower-cost titanium powder, which is radically cheaper and environmentally benign as compared with existing methods of production. Working with Sheffield University’s Mercury Centre, it successfully proved the feasibility of using its low-cost titanium powder for additive manufacturing. Metalysis worked with the Mercury Centre to produce parts including turbocharger impellers and aerofoil sections using a Renishaw printer.

Metalysis were selected by the Mercury Centre as a case study to demonstrate its work with industry and the value it can bring to manufacturing in the region. The centre has a huge amount of expertise and experience in additive layer manufacturing and so Metalysis was selected for a video case study, which can be viewed here:

Working with the Mercury Centre enabled Metalysis to demonstrate the potential for the material’s use in additive manufacturing, which further reduces cost by reducing wastage that occurs with machining components from solid billets. This project was vital in proving the downstream potential titanium’s use in components across many new industries including the automotive, aerospace and defence industries.


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