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COSMO Restaurants appoints The Communication Group plc

The Communication Group plc has been appointed by COSMO Restaurants, the group behind some of the most innovative restaurants in the UK and Ireland, to launch their new dining concept in Leeds.

COSMO Luxe which opened on 5th September 2017, brings an exclusive twist to the city’s burgeoning restaurant scene by combining exceptional food with the vivid theatre of live cooking.

Situated on Boar Lane in the centre of Leeds, COSMO Luxe caters for food lovers who wish to embrace flavours from across the globe in a single, buzzing atmosphere. The exciting new restaurant features interactive live cooking stations where diners can witness the culinary journey of each dish from pan to plate.

The menu is the creation of Yorkshire-born award winning chef Mark Sweeney, with each dish drawn from his 30-year culinary journey across the globe. Mark has cooked for the Queen and numerous royal dignitaries, while Prime Ministers and A-list celebrities have also sampled his signature dishes. With COSMO Luxe, Mark is back where his journey first began and has a mission to transform the dining experience forever.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Sweeney said: “COSMO Luxe has been dream of mine for many years. I’m thrilled at the prospect of serving the flavours and dishes that I love most, from all over the world, in an environment that celebrates the joy of food”.


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