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Burj Al Arab introduces gold iPads

Burj Al Arab, the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel, has introduced bespoke 24-carat gold iPads for its in-house guests. The exclusive launch makes Burj Al Arab the first hotel in the world to offer the Interactive Customer Experience (ICE) software available on the 24-carat gold iPads.

The gold iPads, designed specifically for Burj Al Arab and engraved with the hotel’s logo, will be offered to every guest upon check-in. The guests will then be able to use the gold iPad as a ‘virtual concierge’ and – at the touch of a button – access the extensive selection of hotel services, such as the Guest Services Directory, detailed descriptions of Burj Al Arab’s restaurant options and spa menu, as well as private dining, butler and housekeeping services. The 24-carat gold iPad is now also available for purchase at Burj Al Arab’s boutique, alongside other cutting-edge technology products, such as the gold iPad mini, gold iPhone 5S and gold BlackBerry Q10.

“Our exclusive Burj Al Arab 24-carat gold iPads epitomise Jumeirah’s philosophy of ‘STAY DIFFERENT’ and further enhance our guests’ experience during their stay”, said Heinrich Morio, Burj Al Arab’s General Manager. “We have also recently introduced iMacs inside all our suites to ensure that we offer thoroughly modern guest experiences and keep up with hospitality industry trends.”

The Communication Group plc secured coverage for the announcement of the Gold iPads in publications across the world, with highlights including the New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, LA Times, Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald and The Economist.


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