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3D printing award for Metalysis

Congratulations to Metalysis, recently announced as the winner of the Customer Value Leadership Award for 3D Printing in the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Awards 2014. With this award, Metalysis has been recognised for its performance and contribution to 3D printing because its unique technology can produce a low cost titanium powder, in just one step, directly from ore.

3D printing is being developed for use in manufacturing across a wide range of industries, with the European market being the primary driving force; it is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 3D printing has been, thus far, principally focused on plastics because, until now, metal powders have been prohibitively expensive.  Metalysis’ low-cost titanium powder is opening up the possibility of titanium 3D printed parts in many new industries, such as automotive and aerospace.

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards identify exemplary achievements across a wide-range of industries and disciplines. The analysis on best practices that they conduct identifies companies, products, processes, and executives that have achieved world-class performances.


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